Dewstow Hidden Gardens & Grottoes

I’d never heard of Dewstow Gardens until I looked for places to visit near Chepstow and saw someone’s photos of the gardens on Instagram. The gardens were built in the 1890s by the eminent landscapers Pulham & Son. After the owner of the estate died in 1940, the gardens were filled in and the land became worked pastureland, not rediscovered until the land was purchased by a new family in 2000 and then excavated and renovated.

Waterfall in the Tufa Grotto

I started my wanderings in the spectacular grottoes, playing around with my camera to get the right balance of long exposure without blurring the fish too much.

Pathway to the grottoes
Doorway to a secret world!

Each new grotto was like discovering a secret world of tropical rainforests, fountains, waterfalls, plants and lush ferns.

Waterfall in the Lion Grotto

The above-ground gardens also provided lots of little pathways and bridges to explore, each leading to some beautiful plants or peaceful pools.

I’d thoroughly recommend a visit if you find yourself nearby in South Wales.

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