Wild Place Project

This afternoon, I enjoyed a visit to the nearby Wild Place Project, part of Bristol Zoo. I was looking for somewhere to photograph poppies, and came across an article about the poppies that had been planted at Wild Place. Sure enough, there were poppies, and lots of other beautiful flowers too – plenty for me to practise with my new camera.

Poppy flower

I also tried out my new close-up filters, which attach to a normal lens to give a bit more magnification. They worked well with my standard kit lens, which has a maximum zoom of 55mm, although I need to experiment a bit more with the aperture to get the right depth of field.

Fly close-up

And, of course, there were animals! I loved the lemur enclosure and the newly opened Bear Wood.

Ring-tailed lemur

I upgraded my ticket to an annual pass because I can see this becoming a great place to go back to at different times of year, especially in the dreary winter months, when lemurs and giraffes will provide a pleasant focus to get me outside.

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