Meaningful moments

I’ve enjoyed listening to Tiu de Haan‘s video on Psychologies’ Facebook page about creating meaningful moments.

I’ve been inspired by her ideas of creating rituals before, but this video made it clearer for me that these rituals can be very small moments rather than complicated and grand events.

In this video, she also talks about using rituals for transitions and to honour emotions.

Here’s my beginning of a list of meaningful moments that I could enjoy:

  1. Read a book in the garden
  2. Have a bath with essential oils
  3. Create a piece of artwork
  4. Learn a piece of music on the violin
  5. Meditate
  6. Walk in the woods or by the beach
  7. Knit or crochet a square for my ongoing blanket project
  8. Learn some yoga
  9. Make and drink some fresh mint tea
  10. Bake a cake or some bread
  11. Write down three things I am grateful for
  12. Read a poem
  13. Write out an inspiring quotation
  14. Admire a plant or tree
  15. Practise calligraphy
  16. Research and write a blog post
  17. Make a piece of jewellery
  18. Watch the clouds
  19. Listen to an album
  20. Read an inspiring magazine
  21. Take and edit a photograph
  22. Write and send a postcard on Postcrossing
  23. Play a board game
  24. Cook a delicious meal
  25. Daydream

Maybe I should try to incorporate a certain number of these moments into each week.  Perhaps three per week to begin with?

In a synchronous coincidence, today’s micro-action on the YOU app was to Do one thing mindfully, which seemed to link well with the idea of small moments.


What other ideas do you have for meaningful moments?



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