A ‘good enough’ job?

It was interesting to listen to Mary Fenwick‘s video on Psychologies Magazine‘s Facebook page about seeking a job which provides fulfilment.

I’m becoming increasingly disillusioned by my current job and the environment is becoming somewhat toxic, but not sure what else I really want to or can feasibly do while still enjoying a secure income and reasonable working hours.

But after listening to the video and reading about Emilie Wapnick‘s book How To Be Everything (in a Psychologies magazine article), I’m beginning to think that maybe this counts as what Barbara Sher calls a ‘good enough’ job, which provides financial security while allowing free time to pursue passions.

“If a job isn’t unpleasant, doesn’t eat up more than 40 hours a week, pays well, and provides security – it can give you the freedom to do all the things you love on your own time. People complain about unfulfilling jobs until they understand what the good enough job actually is, and then they feel very different about them. Think of it as a job that doesn’t bother you, whose only crime is that it’s just not enough to fulfill your life. But it provides money and security and the freedom to fulfill your life in your free hours. That sounds like a great job to me.”

Maybe reframing the way I see my job in this more positive light will help me to feel less anxious about it and less guilty about continuing in a job that isn’t my ‘calling’ any more.  It might free me up from the quest to find a way to make a living from my interests and I’ll probably enjoy them more as hobbies anyway than as a full-time job!

Questions raised by the video:

  1. What could give me a little bit more ‘immunisation’ to my work environment?  e.g. an object I could take in to the office to remind me of my outside interests and happiness (photo, image, touchstone, flower)
  2. Can I see my job as a ‘base’ for exploring other possibilities?  Particularly making the most of the long holidays.
  3. How can I contribute towards a happier work environment?

She recommends a few other resources:

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