Inspiration in unlikely places…

I was with my boyfriend yesterday when he went into a comic shop in Cheltenham (  My attention was caught by the children’s shelf, filled with familiar authors and stories such as Philip Pullman.  I started browsing a Fraggle Rock comic, smiling at childhood memories of watching the show on TV.

Fraggles - cover

And inside, I found unexpected inspiration from the story of Mokey, a sensitive and creative Fraggle who is overcome by perfectionism and loses her inspiration to paint.

Mokey’s friends notice her loss of interest and try to help, suggesting an adventure to inspire her, but their plan to host an art show backfires and Mokey runs off to seek advice from Marjory the all-knowing trash heap.  Marjory suggests that she needs a new outlook and to “Take some time to stop and smell the roses.  You can learn a lot from a flower.”  Taking this advice, Mokey sets off on an adventure with a group of friends to show them her favourite view in Fraggle Rock where she goes for inspiration, but disaster strikes and she falls through a crack in the rock, landing in a small cove below.  There, she meets Tank Doozer, who suffers from similar feelings of inadequacy but found this quiet cove containing a beautiful flower.  He explains how the flower helps him to “remember the joy of just pushing the tools around”, telling her “If you follow your heart, you can create some beautiful things, even if they’re just for you.”  Mokey is inspired and creates a painting of the flower for him.  This flower and the wise advice from Marjory and Tank reignites Mokey’s creativity:

Fraggles - inspiration Fraggles - friends

“Though life can bring pressure and make you feel down or not good enough, the best thing to do is remember your passion and follow your heart.  Plus…it never hurts to have friends who care.”

I’ve never been particularly interested in comics, but this one had a lovely story with an inspirational message and was beautifully illustrated by Jared Cullum in a watercolour style.

This blog also has an interesting perspective about Mokey finding her purpose:

Online, I found another comic by the same publishers which caught my attention, a story from the world of Labyrinth.

It included this image of The Junk Lady, which sums up my attitude to tidying up rather well!!!

Labyrinth - clutter
The Junk Lady


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