Please vote for a sculpture!

In September, I took part in an art project with A Forgotten Landscape. I went for a walk along my local seafront with an artist, Deborah Aguirre Jones, and we chatted about the local area and her project, Explain Yourself. As a result of that chat, I decided to create some yarnbomb pieces to create a triptych representing the sand, sea and sky that I love so much. Deborah came to photograph me sewing the pieces into their position on the seafront railings.

The next part of the project has been Deborah designing a sculpture based on each of the projects. People (including you!) Can now vote online for their favourites and three of them will be made up into sculptures to be placed along the seafront.

I love the way that Deborah’s design based on my project reminds me of my favourite view of the sun setting over the hills of Wales as well as incorporating the idea of creativity. It would be amazing to see my sculpture every time I go for a walk and to know that I have left a small mark on my favourite landscape!

Anyone can vote online, here:

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