Autumn approaching

On my walks this week, I have seen the first signs of autumn: leaves beginning to fall, fruits dwindling, dewy mornings and spindle berries beginning to reveal their pink colour.   And I have discovered that one of the huge pigs along the little country lane near me was not just fat… there are now about six little piglets!

In previous years, I haven’t really allowed myself to enjoy autumn because I’ve focused on it being a lead up to winter and the onset of seasonal affective disorder.  But this year, I’m determined to just enjoy autumn for what it is and appreciate its beauty.

After reading several articles about the advantages of walking by the sea and near trees, I appreciate where I live even more.  I can leave my house for a 45 minute walk and take in the sea, a patch of woodland and a country lane!   And if I go a little further, I have a saltmarsh with an amazing array of birds, wetland lakes and little streams.

The only photo above that isn’t either in my garden (the dewy Christmas tree) or my local area is the roe deer.  That was on a nature reserve in Winchester, near my sister’s house.  I paid the price for the sight of the two deer with 38 very itchy and swollen mosquito bites!  It appears that mosquitoes can bite through jeans and socks.


Now that I’ve seen my family and distributed belated birthday gifts, I can share the gift I created for my sister.  I began with the confidence-themed Box of Happiness from The Happiness Planner.  I’d also bought one of these boxes for myself and found the guided journal really useful.

I then added a few extras that fit with the theme, including:

  • A tiny crochet star, following a pattern from Moony’s Mindcraft and made from embroidery thread with added beads
  • A homemade aromatherapy roll-on blend
  • A set of confidence quote cards (available to download in my Etsy shop)
  • A set of crystals to boost confidence (similar to the sets available in my Etsy shop)
  • A set of cards to list strengths and passions (possibly available soon in my Etsy shop)
  • An instant pocket comfort box, created from a template by Kim Welling in In The Moment magazine (issue 1)
  • A photo album, with a suggestion to fill it with photos that recall a time when you felt confident
  • A set of stickers from Tiger 

My friends know me well – for my birthday they got me back to school stationery, including a lunch bag, pretty pens, notebooks and a gratitude journal.

What signs of autumn are you noticing near you?  What are your favourite things about autumn?  Please comment below.


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