Finding inspiration everywhere

At the weekend I attended a short sewing workshop with Miss Libby Rose on her pink sewing bus.  First, we were given a huge range of Hobbycraft fabric to choose from.  And the one that caught my eye had a print of woodland animals and the words ‘Into the woods‘.  I made a reversible tote bag with applique leaves, which I started in the workshop and then completed at home.img_1968[Unfortunately a quick search for a link to the fabric I used has revealed that Hobbycraft also have ribbon, cross stitch kits, washi tape and even matching wool in this range.  Can I resist the temptation?]


I’ve continued my woodland mapping by placing pebble ‘signposts’ at junctions, with images or symbols drawn in bronze Sharpie that relate to the main feature along that path or labyrinths to point to the exit.  To make my pebbles easier for me to relocate, I also used quartz found on the beach, which made me think of Hansel and Gretel leaving their trail of white pebbles.  I found it much easier to navigate around the woods now that I have a mental map of the location of my personal landmarks.


My sketchbook is quickly filling up with photos, writing and sketches that link to my current woodland and mapping themes.  Even last week’s episode of Game of Thrones provided inspiration through the symbols that the Children of the Forest used to decorate the cave beneath Dragonstone.  In line with my woodland theme and my aim of finishing off some works in progress this summer, I’m also crocheting some leaves to add to a cushion cover I knitted sometime last year.

Yesterday, I finished the woven willow sculpture that remained unfinished after last week’s workshop and then completed a more traditionally shaped plant support with the last handful of willow withies.


Today I went for a walk with Deborah Aguirre Jones to discuss the landscape, as part of an art project for A Forgotten Landscape.  Amongst other things, we talked about how walking can be a form of meditation, the way that ‘ugly’ industrial sites have their own sort of beauty and how I use the landscape to connect socially with a friend.

This afternoon’s project was painting mandalas on stones with colourful dotted patterns.  I’ll add a photo of the best ones when they’re finished.

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