The power of music

Music has always caused a strong pull on my emotions.  There are certain songs that are guaranteed to make me cry, either purely because of the emotion in the music or lyrics or because they remind me of a particular time in my life.  Before I returned to work after being signed off with depression, I created a CD to play in the car on the way to work as I knew that this had been one of my trigger points.  I trawled through my iTunes library, searching for songs that made me feel uplifted or energised or had positive lyrics.  I created another playlist after breaking up with my partner of songs that had nothing to do with romance and therefore wouldn’t remind me of how sad it was to lose someone or how great it was to have someone.

Playing my CD in the car also meant that I couldn’t help singing along.  I’m sure singing these words of positivity and affirmation didn’t hurt, even though I was certainly a long way from believing them at that point.  A friend of mine used to use a whiteboard pen to write positive quotes from songs and books on the door of her fridge, where she would see them every day.

Below is a link to a Spotify playlist of some of the songs I have included.  Before you judge, this doesn’t entirely reflect my usual taste in music, but the songs were all selected for their positivity, so cheesy pop is acceptable!!

I’ve also added the playlist to a sidebar on my blog.

What are your favourite positive songs?  How do you use music to change your mood?  Please comment below!


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