Find your killer idea

Following on from ‘What do you really, really want?’, which I blogged about here, John Williams’ next video in the 30 Day Idea Challenge was about choosing an idea to focus on.  There were a lot of great questions and ideas in this video, but his main points were about finding an idea that excites you, uses your ‘genius spots’ and is of value to people.  There is more detail in his book, Screw Work, Break Free.

It has been this 30 day challenge which has inspired me to create this blog.  I began by sharing my visual notes of the videos within the Facebook group.  Some people seemed to find them really useful and I realised that summarising information visually could be one of my ‘genius spots’.  The areas of self-improvement, creativity and curiosity have always excited me.  The part that may be missing is ‘value’.  So that’s where YOU, the reader, come in.  Please comment below on whether you think this blog is of any value to anyone.  Do people want to read a blog that summarises ideas from a variety of self-improvement books and articles?  Is there any demand for it?

I haven’t really got as far yet as seriously thinking about how this will make any money – at the moment, it’s just something that I enjoy doing.  But, in time, I’d like to consider creating courses or workbooks, using skills gained from my teaching career to create resources for a different context.

I also learnt from this video that I am definitely a ‘scanner’, a personality type defined by Barbara Sher.  I am much better at starting projects than finishing them and I have a wide variety of interests and lots of ideas.  I love learning new things and enjoy sharing that learning with others, which I’m hoping is where this blog will come in.

One of the challenges that I have set for myself this summer is to finish more projects than I start.  I’m currently working on finishing knitting a cardigan that I started last summer – I’ll keep you updated on how that goes!

So, as I said above, please comment below about whether this blog might have any value or what could add value to it.  It would also be great to hear from any of the authors I’ve featured in this article or so far about whether you mind me summarising and sharing your ideas in this way, if I’m giving appropriate credit and links.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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