Why we still need ritual

The article that I wrote about in my last post mentioned Tiu De Haan, who is a celebrant and creative facilitator, among other things. Scrolling through her Twitter posts, my attention was caught by a Tedx talk about why we still need ritual. I liked her description of ritual as a frame around a moment.

I’ve read a lot about mindfulness and, with practice, I’ve become better at being fully present in a moment and noticing and appreciating the things around me.  But, I feel my life would benefit from more ritual, even if it’s just everyday things like marking the end of a week or the phases of the moon.  I also like the idea of celebrating transitions or crossing thresholds.  That’s something I’d like to explore further.

I’m also starting to feel that my life is slightly lacking in connection.  I don’t have a strong relationship with my family, for various reasons, although I do see them a few times a year.  I have groups of friends, formed through work or shared hobbies.  But I think I’ve prioritised my comfort zone as an introvert too much over the last few years.  I really enjoy spending time alone, but I am learning that I also need to invest in forming deep connections with small groups of people.  More to come on that later!

Please share in the comments ideas about how you have or would like to create your own rituals for everyday events.

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