Find wonder in the everyday

This is my summary of an article in Psychologies Magazine by Jini Reddy.  She is a freelance writer and the author of Wild Times: Extraordinary Experiences Connecting with Nature in Britain.  Following a few links on Twitter also led me to Morwhenna Woolcock, who runs courses about connecting to nature and being a creative adventurer, and then on to Hannah Taylor, who runs a Facebook group for microadventurers in my local area and We Do It In The Woods, who run creative workshops held in an ancient woodland.

The article also mentioned Tiu De Haan, linking to her ideas about random acts of kindness and pronoia.  I’ll come back to her TEDx talk about the importance of rituals in my next blog post.

I realised that one of the things I want to achieve in this blog is to forge connections with like-minded folk.  I’m naturally an introvert, so I’m going to start off with connecting on social media and blogs, but it’s great to just know that there are people out there who find similar things exciting.

I usually feel a sense of wonder when I’m out in nature, for example gazing at a sunrise, observing the waves lapping against the shore or watching a bird flutter from one tree to the next.  I’m lucky to live by the sea and be able to access all these things just a few minutes walk from my front door.  This week, it was a beautiful variety of clouds in a bright blue sky that caught my attention.

I was also particularly interested by the part of the article about Street Wisdom, which uses the urban environment to discover answers to a personal question.  I’ve signed up to lead Street Wisdom events and I’m organising an event as part of their #WorldWideWander, after finding that there are no upcoming events in my city. It’s a scary challenge for me, but I hope I can draw on my experience as a teacher in organising groups and guiding them through a sequence of tasks.  One of the things I realised by finding out about the people I’ve mentioned in the first paragraph is that I enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills with other people.  So I’m going to seek out ways in which I can do this.

Please use the comments to share the last time you felt a sense of wonder or what you are going to do to invite more wonder into your life.

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